Junior Audit Consultant

Junior Audit Consultant

Departament: Audit
Locație: București


  • You have a high level of motivation and drive to start a career in professional services
  • You are more than familiar with such concepts as: balance sheet, inventory, income statement, trial balance, accruals, IFRS, European Accounting Directives
  • You can go beyond copy & paste
  • You are so passionate about numbers that you will be willing to spend some extra time during the busy season – no worries, that extra time will be compensated with free days or extra coins in your pocket
  • You are willing to live out of your suitcase and travel regularly on business trips
  • You could easily win anytime, anywhere “the person with the highest level of integrity” award
  • You have a detective mind and can’t wait to show it during selection
  • You love to pay close attention even to the smallest of the small details. We call that Auditor’s keen eye for detail


  • You learn how to use EY tools in order to respond to EY policies and procedures.
  • You will receive training and guidance in your first weeks at EY to equip you with all the info you need to kick it off.
  • By constantly working in a team, you will interact with the client in order to collect all the necessary data/information, set-up and maintain audit files, prepare leads etc.
  • You will develop working knowledge of the objectives of an audit (e.g., statutory and other regulatory requirements, client expectations, types of reports to be rendered) as well as the planned audit approach (including the effect of weaknesses in the control environment and other risks for the areas of the audit that they personally execute).
  • You will executes audit procedures, such as obtaining an understanding of routine data processes, testing controls, and performing substantive procedures.
  • You will prepare written communications such as client correspondence, memoranda and other working papers that document the audit procedures performed, the findings, and the results of those procedures.
  • You will work under the close supervision of seniors/managers. Complete instructions are furnished and work is reviewed to verify its accuracy and compliance with required procedures and instructions.
  • You will constantly take part in various soft skills and career trainings.

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