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As many organisations have learned, cyber attacks are no longer a matter of if, but when.

For EY Advisory a better working world means solving big, complex industry issues and capitalising on opportunities to help deliver outcomes that grow, optimise and protect our clients’ businesses.

Our global mindset and collaborative culture across our diverse team of consultants and industry professionals inspire us to ask better questions about the cybersecurity challenges you face. We then team with you to co-create more innovative answers – to activate a foundation that protects the business as it is today, adapt that foundation as the organisation and threats change, and anticipate attacks that may be coming.

Together, we help you deliver better outcomes and long-lasting results, from strategy to execution.

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Why we exist

At EY, our purpose is to build a better working world for our clients, our people and our communities. We strive to help create a legacy of improved business performance, confidence and trust.

How we do it

We team globally to co-create more innovative answers with our clients. The unique and ongoing collaboration between EY consultants and our clients results in better working businesses.
We work long-term with diverse organisations including businesses, governments, military forces and charities to increase confidence, and maintain vigilance to thwart the efforts of cybercriminals – whatever form they take. And we choose exactly the right people and bring the best and newest thinking to your issue.

What we do

We solve big, complex issues and capitalise on opportunities to help deliver better working outcomes that grow, optimise and protect our clients’ businesses now and in the future.

Cybersecurity is not just a technology issue. It’s much broader than that: it’s a fundamental business issue. We embed ourselves deeply in your organisation, get to know you and your threats inside out, and help you see that the threats are often much broader, and the solutions needed are much deeper, than you may have realised.

Who we are

We are a team of consultants and industry professionals with a global mindset and a collaborative culture.

The skills and resources needed to address cybersecurity are extremely scarce within clients’ organisations, so we train, develop and deploy those resources in your organisation, to embed that deep experience so you can protect yourselves in the long term.

We work hard to understand our clients’ issues and are driven to ask better questions in the pursuit of making their businesses work better.

How we can helpAt EY, we have an integrated perspective on all aspects of organisational risk and cybersecurity.

Cyber Programme Management

EY’s Cyber Programme Management (CPM) framework is built upon a meaningful analysis of how information security fits into your overall risk management structure.

Organisations are facing not only escalating risk, but also the near-certainty that they will suffer an information security breach.

A sharp focus on business structure, culture and risks will enable an organisation to better safeguard the data essential to its survival and success. For many companies, this requires a fundamental transformation in how information security is understood within the business.

Security Operations Centre

EY’s Managed SOC service redefines security operations to meet the next generation of cyber threats. We give you a highly mature threat detection and response capability.

Vital to foundational cybersecurity are the processes and technology that support the Information Security function. These are most effective when they are centralised, structured and coordinated – which is why a Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a valuable starting point.

A well-functioning SOC can form the heart of effective cyber threat detection, helping to secure and enable the business about attackers. It can enable Information Security functions to respond faster, work more collaboratively, and share knowledge more effectively.

Cyber Threat Management

In today’s cybersecurity landscape, it is not possible to prevent all attacks or breaches.

In a corporate context, a cyber attack has the potential to damage your brand and reputation, result in loss of competitive advantage, create legal/regulatory non-compliance and cause steep financial damage.

Sixty-seven percent of respondents to our 2014 Global Information Security Survey see threats rising in their information security risk environment. It is time to reassess how your organisation could be compromised and the impact this could have on its survival.

Identity & Access Management

IAM is a foundational element of any information security programme and one of the security areas that users interact with the most.

Identity and access management (IAM) is the discipline for managing access to enterprise resources.

In the past, IAM focused on establishing capabilities to support access management and access-related compliance needs. The solutions often focused on provisioning technology and were poorly adopted.

They also resulted in high costs and realised limited value – organisations often struggled to meet compliance demands during this period, and the solutions were deployed to manage very few applications and systems.

Data Protection and Privacy

Our Data Protection and Privacy services enable organisations to deploy processes and tools that can help to detect and prevent data breaches resulting from internal user activity.

Data Loss Prevention risk assessments provide specific, real examples of data loss within the client’s environment, including sensitive data leaving the organisation and sensitive data stored in unprotected network shares/data repositories.

Privacy Transformation Services assist an organisation to enable a seamless flow of personal information, adhering to global regulations impacting the business. The range of services will address privacy challenges such as: identity theft, brand and reputation damage, litigation, regulatory action and global compliance, direct financial loss, loss of market value and loss of consumer and business partner confidence.

Business Resilience

Business resilience services comprise business continuity management (BCM) and disaster recovery approaches that provide organisations with an ongoing risk-based, proactive approach for maintaining a continuation of critical business functions, (and the recovery of people, processes and technology) from business disruptions, in an optimised manner.

Example offerings:

  • Business resilience programme assessment
  • Business impact analysis
  • Business continuity plan, disaster recovery plan and crisis management plan development

Questions like:

  • How do you need support with ideas or resources to design a future-state cybersecurity operating model?
  • How can we help you protect your IP?
  • What new internet-connected technologies will emerge and pose a threat to your organisation?
  • How is it that one of your competitors has beaten you to market with a new product that you secretly had in development?
  • How do you roll out smart metering in developing countries and keep it secure?

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