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Whenever you join, however long you stay, the exceptional EY experience lasts a lifetime. We want the experience that our people gain at EY to build unrivalled career value defined by lifelong relationships and enriching experiences on our high-performance teams. From the very start of your career, you will see first-hand how business trends shape our world and how to use those correctly. We have insights into many of the world’s largest organizations and governments, building communities with alumni that endure.

Helping our clients to stay competitive, by creating an equal and transparent business arena for them to operate in is our main mission. This we do via Consultancy and Auditory Services, making sure our client’s processes are optimized, new business decisions feasible, books in order and all transactions are legally advisable.

If you want to be part of fair market development, in the growing economy of Romania, join us at EY. Find more information on how to speed boost your career in the short job descriptions below.

Emerging market

Experience working in a high growth and rapid investment economy with currently 23 billion EU funding for development.

Comfortable cost of living

Take advantage of the currency differences, afford to live central and enjoy the perk of uncommercial consumer goods (total cost of living approx. 350 euro/month)

No language barrier

Globally Romania ranks 20th of countries speaking English sufficiently. The estimated percentage of people speaking English < 30 years old, is 75%.

Intercultural communication

Live in a vibrant capital with many internationals and meet foreign business partners.

No strings attached contract

Start off your contract of 6 month without long term commitment, and decide  afterwards whether or not you wan to build your future here.

Travel opportunities

E.g. : Off you go, on holiday to the beautiful black sea, drive to Croatia or ski in the Romanian mountains!

Only bachelor degree needed

As long as you can proof to be studying for or have completed a bachelor degree we will build on your learning abilities and introduce you to EY processes from start to end.

High flexibility

Flex time, working from home & flexible working arrangements are highly encouraged by EY

Educational backgrounds of EY Employees


Careers & Application

Whether you are looking for an internship, seeking to start of your career after University, or experienced hires, please find our job descriptions and open positions below.

Our Assurance teams look closely at the numbers behind our clients’ businesses providing accounting solutions to ensure accuracy, confidence and transparency. It’s what investors, regulators and other stakeholders need in such a complex financial world.

Our Transactions teams help our clients plan and navigate the complexities of selling, merging and buying businesses and assets, helping some of the world’s leading organisations make better decisions about how they improve performance and remain profitable.

Our consultants help to transform businesses, advising some of the world’s leading organisations on strategies to improve performance, manage risk and drive innovation.

Join us and use your strengths to perform at your best. Work creatively to drive lasting change and shape the way some of the world’s leading organisations do business.

We provide clients with legal and fiscal advice across corporate, commercial, employment and financial services issues. Our lawyers understand the increasingly complex tax, regulatory and commercial laws of the world economy.

Our service lines that support main services are essential in terms of recruitment, administration, branding, communications, marketing, advertising and development  through opportunity and relationship management. They make sure people are managed sufficiently, all staff is informed and developed during their career and clients and talents are appropriately communicated to.

Join the brand ambassador community, connect with EY around the world, meet alumni, or foster partnerships between your university and EY.

Titlu Locație Departament Data
Senior Consultant GPS Bucherest Advisory 2018-12-13
Intern Business Development – Part Time Bucharest CBS 2018-12-13
Junior Employer Branding Bucharest HR - Talent Team 2018-12-13
Payroll Specialist Bucharest TAX 2018-12-10
Senior Accountant Bucharest TAX 2018-12-10
TAX Consultant Timisoara TAX 2018-12-10
Employer Branding and Internal Communication Coordinator Bucharest HR 2018-12-07
HR Administration Specialist – 12 months Determined Period Bucharest HR 2018-11-23
Executive Assistant TAX Bucharest TAX 2018-11-20
Junior Transfer Pricing Consultant Bucharest Tax&Legal 2018-11-06
Senior Consultant – Global Mobility Bucharest TAX 2018-11-06
Senior Consultant Corporate Finance Bucharest TAS 2018-10-30
HR Business Partner Bucharest HR 2018-10-30
Manager Valuation Business Modelling Bucharest TAS 2018-10-29
Senior Consultant – HR Advisory – People Advisory Services Bucharest People Advisory Services (PAS) 2018-10-22
Junior Consultant – Transaction Advisory Services Bucharest TAS 2018-10-05
Flexible Internship in Audit Bucharest Audit 2018-10-01
BPR Senior Consultant Chisinau Advisory 2018-09-20
Senior Auditor – Small & Medium Enterprises București Audit 2018-08-29
Junior Audit Consultant (Full Time) Bucharest, Chisinau Assurance 2018-08-29
Intern Audit Consultant (Full Time) Bucharest, Chisinau, Timisoara Audit 2018-08-29
Senior Audit Consultant Bucuresti, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi Audit 2018-08-29
VAT Controller Bucharest TAX 2018-08-29
Junior Valuation Business Modelling Bucharest TAS 2018-08-06
Automation Support Developer – Full Time Bucharest Advisory 2018-07-24
Senior Automation Developer – Full Time Bucharest Advisory 2018-07-24
Automation Solution Architect – Full Time Bucharest Advisory 2018-07-24
Business Analyst – Full Time Bucharest Advisory 2018-07-24
Senior Business Analyst (SCRUM Master) – Full time Bucharest Advisory 2018-07-24
Automation Technical Lead – Full time Bucharest Advisory 2018-07-24
Senior Forensic Technology & Discovery Services Consultant Bucharest FIDS 2018-07-18
Junior Robotics Process Automation Consultant Bucharest Advisory 2018-06-25
Senior Payroll Consultant Bucharest TAX 2018-05-29
Senior GPS Bucharest Advisory 2018-01-10
Junior Software Engineer Bucuresti Advisory 2017-12-12
Accounting Manager Bucharest Tax&Legal 2017-12-10
Junior VAT Consultant Bucharest Tax&Legal 2017-12-10
Senior Audit FSI Bucharest Assurance 2017-12-10
Senior Software Developer Bucharest Advisory 2017-12-10
RPA Program Manager EAC/ EMEIA Bucharest Advisory 2017-12-10
Senior VAT Consultant Bucuresti Tax&Legal 2017-12-07
Senior Consultant Energy Bucuresti Advisory 2017-12-07
Senior Data Warehouse Consultant Bucuresti Advisory 2017-12-07
Senior Data Management Bucuresti Advisory 2017-12-07
Cybersecurity Generalist Bucuresti Advisory 2017-11-01
Legal Compliance and Risk Management Associate Bucharest TAX & Legal 2017-10-20
Solution Architect Bucuresti Advisory 2017-10-05
Data Warehouse Consultant Bucuresti Advisory 2017-10-05
Senior Accountant București TAX 2017-10-05
Junior Accountant București TAX 2017-06-25