Tax alert 20 – Decision 388/31 May 2018 for the approval of the Administrative Arrangement for the Application of the Agreement between Romania and the Republic of Serbia on Social Security, signed at Belgrade on 28 October 2016

The Administrative Arrangement sets out the implementing rules of the Agreement between Romania and the Republic of Serbia in the field of social security ratified by Law no. 4/2018, which seeks to recognize and aggregate periods of social insurance completed in the territory of both States, to determine the applicable law regarding migrant workers, equal treatment and the export of benefits.

The Administrative Arrangement enters in force on the date of entry into force of the Agreement and shall have the same duration as the Agreement.

The Agreement and implicitly The Administrative Arrangement applies to the Romanian legislation on temporary work incapacity benefit, maternity allowance, sick child care allowance, sickness prevention allowance and recovery of work capacity, pensions provided under the public pension system, benefits in kind in the case of sickness and maternity, benefits in kind and in cash in the event of accidents at work and occupational diseases, death grants, state child allowance.

The Administrative Arrangement determines how the Agreement is to be applied, how the cooperation between the authorities and the national institutions responsible for providing the benefits, and how the payments are made.

The Administrative Arrangement designates the liaison bodies and competent institutions that will agree on the forms used for the application of the Agreement.



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