Tax Alert no. 32, October 2017

Reconciliation statement/ refund request for income tax withheld at source

Order no. 2779/2017 for the approval of the template and content of form 110 „Reconciliation statement /refund request of income tax withholding at source”

The Order introduces form 110 to facilitate the adjustment/refund of amounts representing income tax withheld at source.

The tax return is filled in and is submitted by income payers who withheld at source an income tax higher than the amount due and perform a reconciliation of the amounts refunded to the income recipients with the same type of tax liabilities due during the fiscal period in which the refund was performed.

The form is filed both if, during the tax period in which the amounts were reimbursed to the income beneficiaries, the tax due is higher than the refunded amount, and in the case where the amount refunded to the beneficiaries of the income is higher than the tax due, resulting in payment differences or differences to be recovered from the state budget.

The form must be filed for the tax period in which the amounts were refunded by the income payer within the statute of limitation available for the refund, according to the provisions of the Fiscal Procedure Code.

The statement will be completed through the assistance program available with the tax authorities.

Author: Corina Mindoiu – Tax Senior Manager

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Alex Milcev, Partner – Head of Tax&Legal


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