Tax update: EY VAT check application

Automated check of VAT IDs

EY has launched the EY VAT check application which allows the automated check of the VAT ID of your suppliers and beneficiaries.

EY VAT check allows you to check if your suppliers and clients:

  • are VAT registered in Romania
  • have a valid VAT ID
  • apply the VAT at cash in system
  • apply the VAT split payment mechanism

The answers to the above questions may trigger additional costs with non-deductible VAT, late payment charges and fines. Based on our experience, companies often fail to perform these checks and problems are spotted during VAT audits by the tax inspectors. This is due to the fact that a manual check involves multiple ANAF databases and require a lot of time spent by the employees.

EY VAT check does not require any adaptation to your ERP system, as the checks can be done online using a user name and a password. EY VAT check also allows checks to be done for past transactions, not only the current ones. Also, EY VAT check may be integrated in the ERP system as a separate project.

Details regarding EY VAT check and contact persons can be found here:

Contact person:

Costin Manta – Senior Manager, Indirect Tax


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